Our team will help you innovate and come up with solutions to your business needs. As a necessity for business merchant services are one of the gateways to doing business. We want to get you up and running as soon as possible.

With so many POS systems on the market, picking the right one for your business can be overwhelming. Our mission is to help you choose the right POS solution to suit your needs and help you integrate that solution in your business.

The past year has been full of surprises for merchants, processors, and everyone involved in the payment processing ecosystem. There have been many unexpected highs and lows, but overall the trajectory of the industry has been positive despite some immense challenges. We saw the evolution of payment channels to handle consumer demands and COVID-19 threats. Governments imposed social distancing rules. Customers of all ages quickly shifted to contactless digital payments. There are many important and emerging trends to watch in Merchant Services through fall 2021 and into 2022.

COVID19 had a major impact on the economy over the past 18 months. While it isn’t going away anytime soon, we have reasons to be optimistic about the future. A study by JP Morgan showed that about 54% of consumers said that they started using digital payment tools more due to the pandemic. There have been significant developments in the industry, and looking at the trends we have all the reasons to be excited about merchant services in 2022.

…The current trends in the market

  • 1. Online Shopping Changed Digital Payments
  • 2. Spending and Tracking Tools for Payments
  • 3. Increased Use of Biometric Authentication
  • 4. Global Rise in Real-time Payments
  • 5. New Focus on 5G Technology
  • 6. A Steep Rise in Subscription Models
  • 7. Crypto Payments Go Mainstream
  • 8. Using AI and Machine Learning to Prevent Fraud
  • 9. Payment Apps with the Customer Loyalty System
  • 10. Peer-to-Peer Payments Merchant Adoption